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The DipoleTech 8051 Resource CD is a one stop shop to locate all the resources you will need for you 8051 projects .
The CD contains C Compilers , freeware , demos , datasheets , source code and application notes.

8051 Software

1) DipoleLock Copy-Protection Software .

Developers are engaged in a marathon war against software pirates around the globe. Don't gamble your business with untested protection schemes.
DipoleLock is BATTLE-PROVEN SOFTWARE PROTECTION for thousands of clients worldwide. Since 1999 we have continued to deliver the BEST SECURITY at the BEST PRICE.
All DipoleLock Protection Tools are priced on a per product basis with no royalty hassles. We currently support XP, ActiveX, 9x, ME, 2000 and NT.


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Demo Download Demo

2) DTComm - DipoleTech Terminal Program .

DTComm is a fully featured terminal program by DipoleTech for serial communication for microcontroller projects . The many applications include debugging , in system flash programming and serial user interface .



Windows (USD 5.25 $)


3) nanoOS - Real Time OS for 8051.

The DipoleTech nanoOS is a compact operating system for the 8051 core microcontrollers . The nanoOS package consists of a basic task scheduler that provides advanced features such as preemptive task switching , priority inheritance etc. . The nanoOS package can be customized by adding a number of modules such as I2C , SPI , 1-Wire , CAN , SoftwareUART etc .




4) nanoTCP - TCP/IP stack implementation for 8051.

The DipoleTech nanoTCP is a is an industry standard compliant TCP/IP stack for the 8051 core microcontrollers . The nanoTCP product suite is available in two distributions . Theses cater to your dial-up as well as ethernet needs . We also offer customized versions of the suite to match specific customer configurations .







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