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8051 CD with software,code and resources

is out:

The DipoleTech 8051 Resource CD is a one stop shop to locate all the resources you will need for you 8051 projects .
The CD contains C Compilers , freeware , demos , datasheets , source code and application notes.

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DipoleTech Embedded Soltions
Development Board design
During the life cycle of an 8051 based product the single most important role is that of the various development boards used during design and testing of the product . Considerable time and effort is spent in testing concepts on various development boards . All this effort can be saved if a custom development board is available to match the testing needs of all your component blocks . We design such development boards to exactly meet all client requirements in one PC board . We can design boards containing industry standard components in just one week . This a one way you can drastically cut down your project life cycle .

Customized Embedded Software Solutions

Dipole Tech is on the leading edge of 'Customized Embedded Software Solutions' . We have developed RTOS , and customizable software libraries for a wide range of platforms . We develop program modules compatible with most 8051 variants . This helps you to code programs with ease and reduce the programing overhead . We also develop a wide range of software products commonly needed be embedded developers ( eg. serial comm program , copy-protection software etc) . We also offer services ranging from complex algorithm development (DTMF codec , Picture compression/encryption codec etc.) ,simulation to system modeling .

Internet enable your embedded devices
We provide Internet access to your embedded devices . The market for products or services that are Internet related is HOT ! Increased amounts of money and design resources are being thrown at these products and services. One significant portion of this trend is to embed the Internet or , in other words , make embedded products have the capability to connect to the Internet. It is estimated that by the year 2000 , the number of embedded applications with the ability to connect to the Internet will be larger than the number of PCs by a factor of 100 or more.
The latest in PDAs and cellular telephones allow the user to access stock quotes , sports scores , E-mail , and more. The other advantage to the movement to embed the Internet is enabling client devices, such as appliances and vending machines , to connect to the Internet and upload status information. The price of such products is being reduced dramatically due to the introduction of new technology.

Useful Links
There is a large community of 8051 developers on the web . Here are a few links to help you get started :


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