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The DipoleTech 8051 Resource CD is a one stop shop to locate all the resources you will need for you 8051 projects .
The CD contains C Compilers , freeware , demos , datasheets , source code and application notes.


Real-Time Software Design and Developement

We offer pre-compiled programs for a wide range of platforms covering a variety of 8051 derivatives ( like Dallas , Atmel ,Philips ) and microcontrollers from Microchip and Texas Instruments .
We also offer customized solutions to suit the unique needs of our customers .

DSP algorithm development

We develop optimized DSP algorithms for the TMS320 range of products from Texas Instruments . Our algorithms include among others DTMF coder/decoder , MP3 coder/decoder , AAC coder/decoder ,real-time steganography etc .

Modeling and Simulation

We undertake control system simulation and modeling of advanced industrial control systems .This ranges from the modeling of multipoint fuel injection systems to simulation of the 'windblast effect on ejection seats ' and 'hydrodynamic effects on the yachts hulls' .


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